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Multiple layouts and typography pages. Are you developing your Joomla site from scratch? Then it would be a lot of pain to come up with an optimal site layout for a distinct style and impression. A good Joomla template is what aids you with various predefined layouts and handy typography pages for buckling down right away.

As for JA Biz, it offers 5 beautiful layouts, including: Feature, Blog, No Sidebar, Left Sidebar and Right Sidebar, all ready to fit for various types of products or services your site is delivering. For example, go with “Feature” layout to showcase your products/services’ distinct points or “Blog” layout for news or story delivering and resort to 3 other classic layouts for further customization.

Apart from that are 6 additional pages specially styled for business purpose, including Pricing Table, About us, Support policy, Customer care, Get in touch and Partner. All these extra inserts would save you a lot of time in coding and styling for your corporate site.

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